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Serving In The Military Can Get You Some Great VA Benefits

By admin On June 8, 2010 Under VA Loans

One of the greatest things about serving in the military are the VA benefits for active members, veterans and qualifying surviving family members. Surviving family members not only get Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), but they can also get loans, student education, in-home care, assisted living expenses, and other medical costs benefits.

Veterans Administration benefits which is also referred to as VA benefits, helps provide long-term expenses for veterans. This includes va home loans with low interest rates, long term medical coverage, and education expenses. If the service member meets the criteria and if they served the eligibility period, VA benefits offer several special programs for active members, veterans, surviving spouses and their families.

The programs cover long term care, assisted living care, nursing homes, and covers the blind and deaf, and the mental or physical incapacitated.  These programs cover surviving family members who loved one died while in service or service related disability. Of course, with any government agency the paper work needs to be exemplary.  Be prepared to shuffle through the government’s red tape while getting the paperwork together.  We all know paperwork is not the government’s forté.

The paper work includes proof of the veteran’s death, copy of the marriage certificate and any previous marriages, SS number, and of course, the paper application.  If you don’t have this information you can obtain it through the regional VA benefits office.  Chances are if your paperwork is not correct, it will take a while to get done but it’s worth it in the long run.

As well as VA benefits you may also be eligible for a VA home loan or refinancing of your home.  In some case you might even meet the requirements for VA education benefits dependents or auto loans. Chances are if you qualify for DIC you’ll quality for other VA loans as well. VA loans for homes are usually at a much lower interest rate than a bank loan.  Also, you will need to qualify and meet the requirements for the loan.

Another special program is Aid and Attendance Special Pension.  The program covers veterans, surviving spouses, and family members who need long term care by another person.  It also covers people who are blind and deaf or if the person is in need of a nursing home due to mental or physical handicaps. It will cover assisted living facilities, too.

As our surviving military is living longer, due to excellent medical technology, they should be taken care of through their problems.  As higher cost of living continues to rise, healthcare expenses will drain any saving a veteran or their family has.  They need programs like Veterans NSC Improved Pension Benefit Program and Aid and Attendance Special Pension to help them face the rising cost of medical care.

Healthcare will continue to rise and these program help take the financial burden off the surviving members of our military servicemen and their families. Using VA benefits insures our military personnel and their families are given access to the costs and care they need, when they need it.

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