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Use This Time Wisely: Get Your Dream Home Today Using VA Foreclosure

By admin On June 25, 2010 Under VA Foreclosures, VA Loans

Now might be the best time to buy a house using VA foreclosure listings.  Its unfortunate people are losing their homes but you can pick them up at reasonable prices.  Not all homes listed through the VA are foreclosures.  Some are there because they can’t sell them in the normal market place, especially in today’s housing market. 

Most listing will be listed with a local realtor but to purchase them you have to go through the VA.  The VA foreclosure listings will be in cities where there is a large military base.  There’s always a percentage of homes that are foreclosed on whether they bought them with a VA loan or through a private lender.  

As servicemen are shipped to new locations, they don’t have time or energy to wait around to see if their house sells or not, nor do they want their wives hanging around.  It’s easier for them to let them be foreclosed on and put back on the list.  They don’t get any return on investment but they do get rid of their house.  Especially in today’s market where a house may take many months to sell, if you can sell them.

VA foreclosure listings have homes for sale that are “as-is”.  Some of these houses are great for fixer uppers but sometime they just aren’t worth even that.  So check the listings carefully before purchasing one on the list.  The house is listed at the full market value (which isn’t much these days) and re-evaluated every 30 days.  The prices come down after 30 day but the chances of getting a house for a super low price are gone. Once the market stabilizes house prices will remain steady. 

The VA, just like banks, wants to minimize the loss to the government as well as disposing of its inventory.  Inventory being houses they have on their books. Not all listings are “bad”.  You might find your dream home in one of the VA foreclosure listings.

Search for Foreclosures Nationwide.


One of the advantages of using a VA loan is to help pay for the closing costs, make a small or no down payment, and have low interest rate.  These loans can save you thousands of out of pocket money. You also won’t have to use a private mortgage insurer plus you automatically get instant equity when you purchase a house from VA foreclosure listings.  You can’t beat that, especially in the on going market today.

The only advantage the seller gets from using VA foreclosure listings is they don’t have the foreclosure notice splashed all over the place. Their house just gets listed on the VA foreclosure listings so everyone doesn’t know they lost their house. Unlike bank foreclosure where they not only put a big sign in your front yard but list it in several newspapers and on the Internet websites. 

Using VA foreclosure listings can save you a lot of time and money.  It can also help you find your dream home.

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